Time is money. We understand that time is money, and strive to achieve cost reductions without cost cutting on the service. With a wealth of knowledge, we know first hand what is best for any corporate traveller and offer the best tailored services and products to suit your company.

Barakah Travel Management team pride ourselves on delivering effective travel management programmes for your business. Delivering innovative and cost effective solutions, with personalised service excellence and global buying power.

Satisfaction and service is our priority.We recognise that each client is unique, however each share the common expectations of a travel programme that provides cost efficiency for the best business advantage, with value and ease for all travel experiences.

Manage corporate travel with ease.

Dedicated advisors manage your account to achieve and all inclusive travel program.

  • Commitment to service excellence
  • Options and alternative suggestions
  • Customised Accounting
  • Exclusive Rates for each corporate account
  • 24 hour local emergency service and assistance
  • Emergency service while abroad
  • All travel related service and arrangements

Our Global Partner

Travel Solutions International (TSI) is one of the industry's fastest growing corporate travel management companies. TSI Partners make travel easier, less expensive, safer, and more efficient for you and your travelers. Combining our worldwide reach with an understanding that your needs, and the markets you work in, are unique.

Our versatility, in conjunction with the local knowledge of over 3000 personnel operating from over 100 TSI offices in more than 40 countries, means we can deliver leading solutions for your business - sensitive to local culture and practice whilst delivering 100% compliance with T&E policies, CSR commitments, Duty of Care obligations and corporate governance objectives.

United by common systems, processes and resources, from supplier management to online collaboration tools (used for global account management and data consolidation), we aim to ensure your travel program becomes the benchmark amongst.

If your company seeking a corporate travel management solution, contact our team today. info@btmcoman.com